High-Temperature Industrial Insulation

Manufacturers of high temperature insulation solutions for industry using heat resistant fabrics for removable molten splash covers, high-heat fire resistant sleeves for hoses and pipes, or high-temp insulation wraps for clean-rooms. Also used for energy efficiency and industrial safety, including high-temp curtains and other burn protection and energy saving thermal barriers.

Product Applications

High-heat protection without asbestos

Worbo uses non-fibrous (fiberglass-free, asbestos-free) insulation fabrics able to withstand molten heats of 3000°F. Heat sleeves made of fire resistant fabric or using high temperature tape may be solutions to less extreme radiant heat problems. Custom-fabricated high-heat solutions are advised for situations more complicated than regular high temperature heat sleeving for pipes and wires. When you are researching burn prevention methods for your own industry, be sure to ask for our professional high temperature safety consulting.

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