Custom Applications

Our capabilities at Worbo extend far beyond the standard product offerings. Our team of highly skilled professionals will research, develop, test and manufacture product prototypes in virtually any size, shape or combination of materials to fit your individual project parameters. Regardless of production volumes, we will quickly schedule your project into full scale production upon your approval.

Custom Fabricated Products and Capabilities

Removable Hopper CoverRemovable Hopper Cover

A leading Chicago based manufacturer of PET welding equipment employs Worbo’s three layer insulation system to regulate process temperatures. 

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Weld Gun Protection SystemWeld Gun Protection

Designed to prevent splatter build up on robotic weld guns, this cover will significantly reduce down time and maintenance costs. Its proven effectiveness has been repeatedly demonstrated in many North American automotive manufacturing facilities including Chrysler and Ford.

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Removable Oven EnclosureRemovable Oven Enclosure

Removable oven enclosure enables customer to accurately regulate process temperatures leading to significantly enhanced product quality.

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Removable HT Insulation JacketRemovable HT Insulation Jacket for Injection Molding Application

Removable HT jackets reduce energy costs by 35% for leading North American plastic extrusion company and eliminates employee burn hazard.

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Festoon System Cable Protection SystemFestoon System Cable Protection for Steel Mill Applications

Protecting overhead crane festoon cables exposed to severe high temperature environments with a high temperature jacketing system will significantly reduce unscheduled maintenance and lost production time.

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Custom Fabricated BellowsCustom Fabricated Bellows

In this steel plant application a custom fabricated removable bellows protects hydraulic lift jacks on a slab hauler from molten splash and extreme heat exposure.  Thousands of dollars are saved by avoiding costly “down time”!

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ATAAC Charge Air Hose Burn ProtectionATAAC Charge Air Hose Burn Protection

A custom designed Worbo sleeve offers burn protection from very hot ATAAC charge air hoses in a heavy equipment manufacturing plant.

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Airport Antenna Gear Box CoverAirport Antenna Gear Box Cover

Utilizing Worbo’s Cool-Skin technology a custom fabricated gear box cover was installed to eliminate vibrational noise generated by a rotating antenna at extreme cold temperatures.

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Non-Fibrous Pressure Vessel Insulation CoverNon Fibrous Pressure Vessel Insulation Cover

A leading manufacture of gas delivery systems utilizes a custom fabricated non-fibrous Worbo insulation cover to minimize heat loss in a re-boiler pressure vessel to increase energy efficiencies.

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Automotive Power Clamp CoverAutomotive Power Clamp Cover

Power clamps used in the automotive industry are often subjected to weld splatter that cause severe damage. Follow the link below to learn how Worbo saves car manufacturers thousands of dollars in lost productivity!

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Diesel Engine Exhaust Heat ShieldDiesel Engine Exhaust Heat Shield

The installation of a custom designed and flexible Eko-Therm heat shield provides excellent thermal protection of sensitive components from hot engine exhaust.

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Molten Splash Shield for Ferrous Casting ProcessMolten Splash Shield for Ferrous Casting Process

Worbo Inc. has developed one of the heaviest molten splash shields in the world at almost 100oz/yd². This shield is utilized by a leading automotive manufacture in its ferrous casting process to prevent the formation of pelleting in the pour pot caused by molten splatter.

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Hot Plate Thermal Convection BlanketHot Plate Thermal Convection Blanket

A leading manufacturer of laser cutting equipment had concerns over heat dissipation, losses and convection between highly automated processes where sensitive instrumentation is being used. A custom designed Eko-Therm™ cover was the answer.

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High Temperature Molten Splash Protection for Electric Arc Furnace Power CablesHigh Temperature Molten Splash Protection for Electric Arc Furnace Power Cables

Electric arc furnace cables and other critical electrical wiring can be protected from high temperatures, molten metal splashes, intense radiant heat, flame impingement, etc. with custom designed solutions from Worbo Inc.

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Additional Capabilities

Examples of Additional Capabilities:

  • Large/small heat shields or insulating pads
  • Gaskets, or sheeting for gaskets
  • Custom cut, large or small production insulating sleeves made to your specification
  • Large diameter barrel or tank insulating sleeves or covers
  • Custom fabricated safety/protective curtains
  • Exhaust manifold/muffler covers and shields
  • High temperature bellows
  • Custom fabricated removable insulating covers
  • Festoon protective loop cable covers and trolley skirts/shields
  • Customized insulating packages
  • Multilayer blankets designed to your specifications
  • Welding blankets
  • Spark and spatter containment / component protection



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