Clean Room Insulation

Protect your equipment from heat damage, provide burn protection for your team and reduce your heating costs, without risk of product contamination. Our flexible, non-fibrous Cool-Skin™ solutions are easy-to-install and remove. We have products ready to ship or you can have our engineers create a custom design.

Cool-Skin™ Sleeve
By virtue of its low thermal conductivity Cool-Skin™ Sleeve is designed to reduce hot wire, hose, cable and hydraulic line surface temperatures to a safe touch condition and reduce energy costs.

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Cool-Skin™LT Sleeve

Cool-SkinLTSimilar to our standard Cool-Skin™ Sleeve this version offers a very economical solution to reduce surface temperatures to reduce energy costs for hoses and other hot process lines up to 300oF.

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Cool Skin Wrap

Cool-Skin™ Wrap
Constructed from the same flexible non-fibrous materials as our Cool-Skin™ Sleeve, Cool-Skin™ Wrap is the perfect insulation and burn protection solution for large diameter tanks and cylinders.

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Cool Skin TapeCool-Skin™ Tape
This flexible non-fibrous tape is supplied with a peel and stick adhesive ideal for protecting and insulating irregular-shaped process lines, fittings and valves.

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Cool-Skin Blanket
Cool-Skin Blanket

Cool-Skin™ Blanket
This flexible non-fibrous blanket is supplied with a peel and stick adhesive ideal for protecting and insulating large diameter tanks, cylinders and other plant equipment.

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Cool Skin Seal TapeCool-Skin™ Seal Tape
Designed to provide a self-bonding, self curing, liquid-tight seal, this versatile tape offers an ideal solution for sealing the ends of insulated segments.

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Cool-Skin™LT Blanketcool-skinLT blanket
 This economical version of our standard Cool-SkinTM blanket is a perfect solution to minimize hot surface temperatures up to 300oF down to safe touch conditions. 

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