Cool-Skin™LT Sleeve

Cool-Skin™LT sleeve is an ideal safety solution that has been designed to drastically reduce hot surface temperatures to a safe touch conditions.  This highly effective insulation sleeve offers excellent burn protection when installed around hot flexible metal hoses, large diameter pipes, valves and other high temperature process lines. 



Cool-Skin™ Technology

  • Worbo’s Cool-Skin™LT is manufactured from a flexible, clean, non-fibrous, closed cell and lightweight elastomeric material that does not contain fiberglass or release airborne particulates.
  • Well suited for use in a variety of environments from heavy industrial applications to clean-room and laboratory settings.
  • This user friendly product is equipped with a hook and loop self-gripping closure for ease of field installed (or removed for maintenance) without line disconnection.
  • Cool-Skin™LT Sleeve offers very good resistance to water absorption, UV radiation, ozone exposure, corrosion, noise and a wide variety of chemicals in general.
  • Cool-Skin™LT sleeve is supplied with a bright safety yellow protective neoprene coated jacket designed to alert personnel to potential danger.
  • Unlike traditional dated technologies that use glass as the insulating medium, Cool-Skin™ LT Sleeve is easily cut to length in the field using an ordinary pair of scissors without “end fray” or releasing irritable fiber particulates. 

Dimensional Data

Available in standard wall thickness ranging from 1/8” (3mm) thick to 1” (25mm) thick to fit diameters sizes from ½” (13mm) to 10”(245mm) and is supplied in standard continuous lengths of 33ft (10m).  Other sizes can be manufactured to your specification.


From -297˚F (-183˚C) to 300˚F (149˚C)  (Test Method ASTM C 411)
Flammability UL 94 5V-A, V-0  
Apparent Thermal Conductivity 0.245 k-Value   (Test Method: ASTM C 177 / C 518)
Surface Burning Characteristics (Through 2” Thick)

Flam Spread – 25 Max.   (Test Method: ASTM E 84)

Smoke Dev. – 50 Max.

Density 2.5 – 5.6 lbs/ft³  (40 – 90 kg/mtr³)
UV Resistance Good  (Test Method: ASTM G 7/ G 90)

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