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New for 2013 – Extreme Heat Cable Protection Systems

Worbo Cable Protection SystemsWorbo Inc. has developed a comprehensive range of Cable Protection Systems:

  • For applications exposed to Extreme Temperatures up to 3000°F
  • For applications where radiant heat is the primary concern
  • For applications exposed to severe molten splash
  • As well as a range of custom applications

Contact us for detailed information about our Extreme Heat Cable Protection Systems.

New Customized Heat Protection for Steel Producers

Overhead Crane Festoon Cable Protection System

Worbo Overhead Crane Festoon Cable ProtectionWorbo Inc has developed a customized Festoon Cable Protection System for blast furnace and EAF Applications. The objective was to protect overhead crane festoon cables exposed to severe high temperature environments. A Worbo high temperature jacketing system offers the ultimate level of protection to significantly reduce unscheduled maintenance and lost production time.

For more information, download the PDF Spec Sheet or contact us for details.

Worbo Introduces Clean Insulating Products

Our Worbo Development team has created user friendly, clean insulating products (Cool-Skin™ Sleeves, Blankets and Tapes) to help reduce common workplace burn injuries caused by hot pipes or flexible hoses that are inadequately insulated or completely bare of insulation. The development of this clean, extremely flexible non-fibrous (no fiberglass, asbestos or particulates) technology is completely revolutionary in the market place!

Our Cool-Skin™ Sleeves incorporates a simple hook and loop closure into its design for quick and easy installation or removal at any time should the line need to be accessed for maintenance. Manufactured to fit your pipe/hose, we supply our sleeve in standard 33ft lengths that can be measured, cut to length and installed in the field using a pair of common scissors. The field cut ends of the sleeve will not fray or deteriorate. This technology is a perfect fit for protecting many different lengths of hot sections of pipe or flexible hoses in a plant.

Do you have several different diameter pipes/hoses in your plant needing insulation and you are looking for a quick, easy, one product universal fix?

Simply order and install our Cool-Skin™ Wrap to insulate a wide variety of diameters and lengths with one universal product!

Using “one size fits all” design, our Cool-Skin™ Wrap can be installed/removed on pipes or hoses from 1/2″ OD to 30″ OD or larger!

Interested in learning more about our Cool-Skin™ Sleeve or Wrap?

Visit our Product Overview page or contact Worbo Inc. today to discuss your requirements!


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