High Temperature Blanket 2000

Our High Temperature Blanket 2000 is manufactured from extremely flexible woven silica, and is ideal for protecting or insulating critical hosed, cables, and equipment from high external or internal heat sources up to 1800oF.  high-temp-blanket-2000

Worbo Technology

  • Manufactured from continuous filament amorphous silica yarns, our high temperature blanket has an extremely high tensile strength compared to conventional braided fabrics manufactured from leached fiberglass.
  • Unlike traditional silica fabrics this product is not made from E glass and therefore offers significantly increased abrasion resistance and overall durable. It is perfect for protecting equipment and process lines exposed to constant vibration in extreme temperature environments.
  • Through Worbo’s innovative technology this high temperature blanket is “pre-shrunk” to minimize shrinkage at high temperatures while maintaining its highly flexible characteristics.
  • Our High Temperature Blanket 2000 is resist to oxidation, most corrosive solutions and chemicals, and it presents no known health hazard.
  • Worbo’s braided silica blankets offer a perfect thermal protection solution for parts, materials, and equipment from potential damage and destruction caused by molten metal splash, sparks and radiant heat.
  • This blanket can be used in multiple layers or in conjunction with other materials to achieve the desired degree of protection/insulation to meet your criteria.
  • In addition, our High Temperature Blanket 2000 offers outstanding protection in electrical insulation applications with good dielectric strength.

Dimensional Data

Available in 36” (91mm) wide by 150ft (45.7m) continuous length rolls. Other lengths are available by special order.


Rated for 1800oF (982oC) continuous.



Excellent resistance to ozone, oxidization, UV, corona, cosmic radiation, ionising radiation and weathering in general.


Outstanding flame resistance and is absolutely fireproof.


Dielectric Strength

40 Volts/mil of thickness

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