High Temperature Tape 1000

For a quick and effective solution for high temperature insulation challenges our high temperature tape is ideal for wrapping critical hoses, cables, and other equipment from external or internal heat sources up to 1000oF continuous.

High Temperature Tape 1000

Worbo Technology          

  • Manufactured from continuous filament texturized E glass yarn, our HTT1000 has a high tensile strength.
  • It is perfect for covering equipment and process lines exposed to constant vibration in extreme temperature environments.
  • Our High Temperature Tape 1000 may be supplied with a “peel and stick” sacrificial PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) on one side for easy installation.
  • HTT1000 exhibits excellent resistance to oxidation, most corrosive solutions and chemicals, and it presents no known health hazard.
  • HTT1000 offers a very effective barrier to protect equipment from potential damage caused by sparks, radiant heat and other high temperature sources.
  • In addition, high temperature tape 1000 offers exceptional protection in electrical insulation applications and exhibits tremendous dielectric strength.
  • It may be effectively used in multiple layers or may be combined with other materials to achieve the desired degree of protection/insulation to meet your criteria.
  • Due to its low thermal conductivity this insulation material is an economical solution for applications below 1000oF.

Dimensional Data

Available in standard 1/16” (1.6mm)  and 1/8”  (3.2 mm) thickness in widths varying from 1” (25mm)  to 4” (102mm).  It is supplied in standard continuous lengths of 50ft (15.2m) or 100ft (30.5m).  Other sizes can be manufactured to your specification.


Rated for 1000oF (538oC) continuous.

Environmental Resistance

Excellent resistance to ozone, oxidization, UV, corona, cosmic radiation, ionising radiation and weathering in general.


Outstanding flame resistance and  it is absolutely fireproof.

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