Insulmat™ 1200 – High Temperature Insulation

Our InsulmatTM 1200 is a high temperature needled E-glass mat that serves as an extremely cost effective insulation and sound absorbing medium suitable for elevated temperatures up to 1200oF.  It’s produced from a controlled selection of long textile glass fibers that are mechanically bonded with no organic or synthetic binders to create a remarkably uniform, light weight, and strong blanket up to 1” thick.  InsulmatTM 1200 is extensively used in a wide variety of applications including petrochemical refineries, removable pads, ship turbines, die-cut applications, industrial furnaces and ovens, etc.

Insulmat 1200

Worbo Technology

  • Insulmat™ 1200 offers very good fire resistance with low heat storage and is an effective insulator even when exposed to extremely hot temperatures.
  • Offers very good chemical resilience and is unaffected by most chemicals.
  • The absence of organic or synthetic binders makes this product smoke free on heat up and allows the product to remain mechanically stable even after exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • For some applications, it is possible to use InsulmatTM 1200 above its classifications temperature (may experience a 2% weight loss at 1200oF (648oC)).
  • The combination of long spun fibers and the needling operation produce tough resilient and strong blankets which resist tearing both before and after heating.
  • Excellent vibration resistance, will not powder.
  • Very adaptable for many application and has good conformability to irregular surfaces.
  • Exhibits superior acoustic and sound absorption properties as well as thermal insulation characteristics.

Dimensional Data

Available in standard 60” wide rolls with thicknesses varying between 1/8” and 1” thick.  Roll lengths vary depending on thickness.  Other widths are available upon request.

Manufacturing Spec

Military Spec MIL-1-16411 Type II, ASTM-C-1086-96, Coast Guard Spec for Incombustible Materials #164.009 and MIL-I-24244

Flame Resistance

Flame Spread 0, Smoke Development 0      (per ASTM E-84)


Temperature classification up to 1200oF (648oC) continuous depending on the application


144 kg/m3  (9 lbs/ft3) up to 176 kg/m3 (11 lbs/ft3)

Thermal Conductivity ASTMC177


Thermal Conductivity “K” for 1”

Temperature  oC (oF)


24 (75)



149 (300)



260 (500)



370 (700)




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