Gearing Up with Heavy Equipment Manufacturers

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Worbo Inc. continues to fulfill the high temperature insulation needs for many of the world’s leading heavy equipment manufacturers. Engine and equipment manufacturers are facing strict emissions standards. Worbo is well equipped to design and meet growing demand for critical insulation components required in these challenging high temperature applications.


Extreme Heat Protection for Power Cables

It is not uncommon for electrical cables in heavy industrial centres to be vulnerable to heat exposure.

Worbo was approached by a steel refinery to develop a thermal protection system for flexible power cables. These cables were in close proximity to extreme infrared radiant heat and flames.

Worbo Engineers were able to develop a customized solution employing Worbo’s Eko-Therm™ technology and high temperature velcro enclosures resulting in a flexible, removable thermal barrier sleeve providing complete thermal protection for the adjacent power cables.

To learn more, refer to our Custom Applications article, High Temperature Molten Splash Protection for Electric Arc Furnace Power Cables.

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