High Temperature Strip Curtains

Continuous conveyor ovens are widely used in a variety of industrial processes including composite curing and heat treating.  The entrance and exit points of these ovens represent significant areas for potential heat loss and energy inefficiencies.  Without a proper heat barrier system these openings can be the culprit for thousands of dollars in wasted energy cost.  In addition, regulating and controlling critical process temperatures can become a daunting task with inadequate heat containment.

Utilizing Worbo’s unique high temperature strip curtain system, energy costs may be significantly reduced and process temperatures may be accurately controlled.   These strip curtains serve as an effective thermal barrier while allowing for the passage of parts through the oven chamber.   Unlike traditional PVC strips that will break down at moderate temperatures the Worbo solution can withstand excessive temperatures and will continue to function effectively up to 1000oF.

Worbo strip curtain
Worbo strip curtain

A typical example of a proven and extremely effective Worbo strip curtain design consists of a double layer heat barrier system.  In this system the inside face of each strip if fabricated from Worbo’s exceptional Eko-ThermTM heat reflective material.  This unique material serves to retain convective heat with in the oven chamber in addition to preventing radiant heat from escaping through the oven door.  The outside face of each strip is fabricated from Worbo’s extreme duty MSA96 (96 oz/yd2) silicone coated fabric offering outstanding durability and abrasion resistance as moving parts are transferred though the oven opening.

MSA96 side of strip curtain
Outside face of strip from extreme duty MSA96
Eko-Therm side of strip curtain
Inside face of strip from heat reflective Eko-Therm

In addition to generating significant energy cost savings, Worbo’s high temperature strip curtains offer the following key benefits:

  • Reduce the risk of workplace burn hazards near the opening of the oven.
  • Strips are easy to install and individual strips are simple to replace should they become damaged without the need to replace the entire curtain.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and exhibit outstanding durability as parts move in and out of a conveyor oven.
  • Allows for oven temperatures to be accurately controlled ensuring product consistency and quality is upheld.
  • Manufacturing cycles are increased as the thermal barrier facilitates faster oven pre-heat time. 
  • Strip curtains may be supplied in a variety of widths and lengths to custom fit virtually any oven opening.

Worbo’s heat resistant strip curtains are tailor made for each specific application in consideration of temperature constraints, environmental conditions, cycle frequency, oven geometry, etc.  Contact the design team at Worbo to assist with your continuous conveyor oven application. 


Attention HMA Plant Operators

Reduce energy cost by 68% with Cool-SkinTM insulation sleeve on hot oil “jumper” hoses.

A typical Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) plants makes use of hundreds of feet of flexible metal “jumper” hoses to transfer hot oil across connection flanges. These hoses are frequently overlooked by insulation contractors as they usually have a tight bend radius and they are difficult to protect.  In addition the neglected jumper hoses are often considered unimportant because they represent a small portion of the hot oil system.  The reality is that these un-insulated lines result in huge inefficiencies and cost thousands of dollars in wasted energy.  This would is similar to leaving a window open all winter long.  It just doesn’t make good sense.

uninsulated jumper hose

Worbo has developed an effective thermal insulation solution that enables HMA plants to recover significant heat losses on small diameter and tight radius hoses with ease.  Introducing Cool-SkinTM sleeve! 

cool-skin sleeve on jumper hose

Unlike traditional methods such as mineral wool and hard aluminum cladding, Cool-SkinTM is easy to install and does not require expensive insulation contractors.   A hook and loop self gripping fastener is incorporated into its design allowing operations staff efficient access to process lines while performing maintenance procedures or trouble-shooting system components.  Once line interruption is complete, Cool-Skin™ is simply re-installed in a few short seconds. 

An additional important and impressive benefit to the Cool-SkinTM technology is that it incorporates a closed cell insulating structure that will not absorb water or moisture making it an effective insulator even in wet conditions.

Ongoing field monitoring has proven that insulating a flexible metal hose (1 ½” OD) with Worbo’s Cool-Skin™ sleeve at a typical HMA plants will reduce heating cost an average of $30 for every foot of jumper hose in just one short seven (7) month operating season.  In most cases Cool-Skin™ pays for itself within the first four (4) months of installation.

Contact the Worbo team to learn more about how Cool-SkinTM can reduce energy costs at your HMA plant.